Simplest 12V 100W DC Motor Speed Controller

Introduction: Simplest 12V 100W DC Motor Speed Controller

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So guys, in this instructable you will learn to make a really simple but powerful speed/rpm controller for 0 to 30V DC Motors with current handling range of 5 to 10 Amps.

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Step 1: Components Needed :

The components for this project are : -

3pcs CTC-1351 transistor

1pc 250k ohm potentiometer

1pc potentiometer knob

Some wires

1pc breadboard

1pc 12V DC motor

3pcs heatsink

3pcs skrew

1pc 12V battery/power supply

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Step 2: Connection & Wiring :-

Take a breadboard and connect 3 power transistors CTC-1351 in parallel as shown in the picture.Use jumper cables if they don't fit in the same area.

Now take a 250K ohm variable resistor/potentiometer and connect one wire to the common base and the other wire to the common collector terminal of the power transistors.

After you have done all that, take two wires.Connect first wire to the common collector and the other wire to the common emmitter . Now take a 12V DC Motor you have and connect any one of its terminals to the emmitter wire.

Now you will need a 12V battery or a power source to power up the system.Connect the positive terminal of the power supply to the common collector wire and the negative terminal of the power supply to the left out terminal of the DC Motor.

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Step 3: Testing :

Finally, its time to test the circuit and for that, simply start rotating the knob of the variable resistor in the clock-wise direction.You will notice that your DC Motor slowly picks up speed which increases if you move the knob further & further in the clock-wise direction until it attains full speed.

Also guys, i used a laptop charger as the power source for this circuit.

So guys that would be all for this instructable, see you in the next one.

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