Simplest Beanie Pattern Ever.....for Children and Adults

Introduction: Simplest Beanie Pattern Ever.....for Children and Adults

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Are you a beginner and would love to sew something cool, cute and trendy? Well, we have the perfect pattern for you! Our beanie pattern.

You will find yourself sewing this pattern many times because it is so easy.

Our pattern offers you 4 variations and how about sewing the matching loop scarf called KIM or t-shirt, long sleeve with an American neckline called ELIAS? Look at our pictures, it looks great!

You will find all of our patterns in our shop:

Simply click on the patterns button, enter the pattern name and off you go.

You will find many more beautiful patterns, which we have designed with love and dedication and there are many more to come!

And do you know what? We have a YouTube channel called My Zierstoff showing you how to sew the beanie, but also our loop scarf and our American neckline shirt ELIAS. Here is the link:

We wish you great fun while you are sewing, good success and a lot of pleasure wearing your DIY clothes! :-)

Your Zierstoff team, Joanna & Ilka

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