Simplest Flying Machine



About: Hi there! I'm a guy from India. My branch is IT, but I love electronics too! I am not a professional photographer, nor an FL Studio geek. But I love both of them!

Intro: Simplest Flying Machine

The simplest flying machine, ever!

For this you'll require :

1.A plastic fan blade

2.A bit thick straw

Step 1: The Plastic Fan Blade

In the image is a plastic fan blade.

(I got my one form an old toy)\

Step 2: A Straw

A bit thick straw .

Make sure the thickness is such that it fits into the hole in the plastic blade.

Step 3: Assembling

Fit the straw in the plastic fan blade.

If there is a minor error, sealing tape, or glue might do the thing.

Step 4: Rotation

This step is important.

Make sure that you rotate the straw in the appropriate direction. Else (It doesn't hurt ;-) ) It might not fly!

The rotation should be such that it should push the air down.

Step 5: In Action (Done!)

(I admit that clicking this image was hard!)

After doing the above steps, you'll see your newly made "Simplest Flying machine"



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