Simplest Gamma Stirling Engine

Introduction: Simplest Gamma Stirling Engine

Hello everyone, the above image shows the Gamma type stirling engine where paper is used as displacer and glass syringe is used as power piston. The fuel tube is used to connect both. Flywheel is an old CD. This engine can be easily made in 15 or 20 mins.

Material used:

1. Glass syringe (power piston)

2. Rubber cork

4. Old CD (Flywheel)

5. Refill (connecting rod)

6. Testtube (Displacer body)

7. Balloon (for seal)

8. Fishing thread.


1. Fevikwik

2. Araldite

3. Candle

Here is the end result of the tutorial

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Step 1: The Other Parts

The images of the parts required can be seen in the above images. These images are self explanatory, since they materials used are very simple and easily available. Add an stand for the power piston which completes the setup.

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