Simplest Homopolar Motor

Introduction: Simplest Homopolar Motor

Difficulty of realization 5/10

Step 1: How It Work

This is a new version of homopolar motor. Is necessary that the motor is supported on a material that conducts electricity as the tinfoil. By placing the engine on the aluminum foil, the battery is short-circuited and in the aluminum creates an electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field interacts with the magnetic field of the neodymium magnets moving the motor.

In the experiment with 4 motors at the end of the video is interesting to note that these do not clash ever between them and their speed is always the same. This phenomenon is due to the fact that the magnets of the motors have the same polarity and therefore are in a mutual magnetic repulsion.

Step 2: How It Make

It is needed one battery, an aluminum foil and some neodymium magnet.
To move the motor straight I used two magnets 20x3mm
To move the motor in a circle I used a magnet 30x3mm with 5mm hole and a magnet 20x3mm
To improve contact between the battery and magnets I used some small piece of aluminum.

The polarity of the magnets is very important. I try to outline the position.

S-N battery N-S (With this configuration wheel on one side)

N-S battery S-N (With this configuration wheel on the other side)

S-N battery S-N (Do Not work)

N-S battery N-S (Do Not work)

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    Question 4 months ago on Step 1

    Well those batteries are turning and not touching, until a moment when they stop rotating and sticking.
    Why was this happening?
    Please tell me why.