Simplest IoT LED Control With Arduino & Blynk

Introduction: Simplest IoT LED Control With Arduino & Blynk

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Here is my first experience making IoT project (Internet of Things) in simplest way, only with an Arduino board (I used Genuino 101, you can use any boards) & Blynk app on Android. See the demo & tutorial below, hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: Demonstration

Step 2: Tutorial


Please wait for its fully instructables. It's my first time here & I'm trying to make it complete as soon as possible. Thank you very much.


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    wow, impressive. But I thought Genuino 101 don't have Wifi capability ?

    9 replies

    yes, you're right. Just plug in it on your connected PC and open blynk-ser batch file on blynk library. you can also use any Arduino board: Uno, Mega, etc without ESP or ethernet shield ^_^


    But what is the concept behind of it to control the Arduino 101 ? Through PC WiFi ? Serial ?

    Yes, Serial USB. I made my genuino 101 goes online by plugging in to my laptop, which is connected to the internet (via WiFi, LAN or whatever). So my 101 also connected.

    Oh cool ! So IOT too with the help from laptop as host. You can try edison too through BLE :)

    no need to change anything. yes right, blynk supports any boards ^_^

    open the blynk-ser & type the port, eg: COM4. the default is COM1.

    Do I need to change anything in the blynk-ser batch file ? Actually what does this batch file does ?