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Introduction: Simpliest Arduino Calculator

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Here is my version of the simpliest arduino calculator ever.Best for begginers as a project for arduino starters.Not only simple this project is much cheap about within 40$s.

Step 1: Shopping List

GithubHere is the shopping list, go to amazon and buy the following for starting the arithmetic mess -


Arduino nano Link (You also can take any other better than the same as per your choic

{I personally prefer nano for its small size any breadboard friendly nature}

16*2 LCD panel Link

Breadboard Link

4*4 Matrix Keypad Link

A 2 Kilo Ohm Resistor(get it from any trash)

Many hookup wires


A Computer

Some Wit ( I expect you have it)


Arduino nightly IDE ----Arduino IDE download Home

Keypad library for Arduino ----Keypad Library

My GIT code --Github

Step 2: Setting Up the Setup

Hookup the Arduino,LCD and the Keypad to correct pins according to the given schematic.

Get my Fritzing project here -Link

And get ready for the cyber work with a computer.

Step 3: Getting It to the IDE

To configure the 4*4 Matrix Keypad , We need to get the Keypad Library from the link Given in requirements

Okay,step wise resolution(Respective Images Attached)-

Plug the arduino

1)Open the IDE

2)Go to sketch tabs and go to include library and then add .ZIP Library

3)Navigate to your download folder and open the to load the library

4)Then Rush to github HERE and copy the code

5)Paste the code into the IDE select your board and port

6) Hit UPLOAD !!!!!! (Ctrl+U)

Step 4: Finalising and Testing

Your arduino calculator is ready for some arithmatic mess.Pack it up into a box or cover and start calculating !!!

See the Calculator workin in this video attached !!!!

Step 5: Troubleshooting

This step is for begginers

1)If no com port is detected-

Get the drivers from the Arduino nightly folder in Drivers folder

2)Screen getting mal-characters-

replace your keypad ,Keypads get damaged easily

3)Screen is blank-

wait for 10 to 15 seconds .If not getting some words check the hookup system.

4)More problems??

Email me I will earnestly try to reply with solution

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