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Folded book art is a labor-intensive and mathematically precise art that normally requires tedious measurements on a page-by-page basis.
The following book art is a short-cut method of getting to almost the same results as the ruler-and-pencil method. Instead of measuring each page, this method uses a striped printed pattern that is inserted behind each page and used as a guide for each fold.



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4 years ago on Introduction

Here you can create your own graphical pattern for free, to fold your own name inside a book.

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Reply 3 years ago

Thanks for sharing. I love it.

Hi I was so happy to find this link for creating your own pattern. However I wondered if you had used this free trial? I printed out a simple word HOME to start of with, with a book of 350 pages. Ive printed it off and there are quite a few spaces which threw me, then also i realised with the O and E I would need extra pages wouldnt I? I really wanted to get into this but this has confused me, any help really appreciated... thanks

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Check out my tutorial on for making your own pattern. I have several videos on there to show you how to deal with the spaces, the O and E and stuff like that:
It will be tight getting a decent HOME from a 350 page book. Try to find one at least 400 pages if you can so you can dedicate 100 pages (50 folds) to each letter--give or take.