Simplify the Apple Watch Home Screen



The Apple Watch is a great device, but the home screen could be better. Fortunately it's easy to tweak it into something more usable.

Some of the apps can't be removed, but they can be hidden!

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Step 1: Flatten the Home Screen

Remove the 3-d spherical aspect of the home screen by selecting:

Apple Watch app / General / Accessibility / Reduce Motion / ON

Step 2: Rearrange Apps

Select your favorite six apps, and arrange them around the clock app.

Step 3: Build a Bridge

Drag all the remaining apps to the left, building a "bridge" out from the main apps.

By making the bridge two apps/icons high, you can build towards the left without the bridge collapsing.

Step 4: Trim the Bridge

Move the first two apps from the bottom of the bridge towards the left.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Clean Home Screen!

You can still see a bit of the bridge app on the left, but by selecting something with a dark icon it's not very noticeable.

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