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Hey guys! Welcome to my latest minecraft creation Simplr. This is actually my first proper minecraft creation I have shared with instructable and the internet so lets go through what this is.

Simplr is a simple contraption used for delivering items faster than carrying them. By using hoppers, we are able to make this possible and we'll also be using command blocks for teleportation which is explained further.

How it works is that there you'll be in the interface where there's variety of items to choose from and in front of that is a pressure plate that teleports to the area where the item is and place the item in the hopper and BOOM!, the item travels back to the interface. Unfortunately, this creation is only an simple creation for anyone to create, it doesn't have large features and it only describes moving items with hopper fast and coordinate teleporting. But someday, it will be updated.

If it sounds too complicated, i have linked the file below for anyone to play and explore the contraption:

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Step 1: Base

For this build, we are going use a superflat layout which is helpful to use for structure build and redstone contraption and we'll be using iron blocks for the layout which I made using this: It's free to use for quick and easy custom superflat layout.

I recommend block dept over 12 blocks because we are digging around 8 blocks in for this contraption.

Step 2: Building the Interface

Dig a 14x14 square with 8 blocks deep for the interface of this build. You don't have to be 100% accurate with the sizing but I recommend this size.

Step 3: Building the Hoppers

This part is where things start to become more awesome and that is installing the hoppers but first, dig holes inside the core for hopper access then place the hoppers like in the picture above, there will be 9 holes in total and the dimensions are 2x4 blocks. But placing hoppers in the correct way can be difficult and need learning so check out minecraft forum or youtube videos about hoppers!

I also added a picture of the top view.

Step 4: Adding Command Blocks for Teleportation

Hoppers aren't the only main materials that is used for this creation. I thought to myself that adding command blocks to this would make things more interesting and more interactive. So in order to get a command block, type /give player command_block for a command block and the reason is because the latest version of minecraft doesn't have command blocks in their item inventory. After receiving a command block, place the command blocks in front of the chests where you'll receive your items like in the picture above.

Step 5: Making Teleportation With Command Blocks

Using command blocks, type in (tp @p 'X,Y,Z Coordinates') which is the code for player teleportation. To find the X,Y,Z of the place your at, simply press f3 for windows and alt+f3 for apple users. Also this coordinate teleportation is used at the item chest outside of the interface which I recommend you downloading the map to understanding the logic. The example is shown above. After that, you've made a teleportation system!

Also add a iron block on top of it and a pressure plate on top of it so when you step on the pressure plate, you'll teleport to the coordinate you wrote. Also add labels to each chests so you know which items are which.

Step 6: Preview

Everything looks pretty good :)

Step 7: Add the Items to the Chest

Now, since everything is almost done, go to the top where the hoppers are and place chests so you can insert the items and you're ready to go!

Step 8: Have Fun!

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