Simply the Best Deviled Eggs

Introduction: Simply the Best Deviled Eggs

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Ah, the Deviled Egg! Such a marvelous taste, a wonderful, creamy mixture of flavors melting in your mouth... but when and where did they originate? And how did they get the name of Deviled Eggs - the LAST thing you might associate with Easter? Well, in ancient Rome, people started boiling, peeling, and cutting eggs. They found that this was very tasty, so they continued. In the 1500s, Folks were doing this commonly, and by the next century, it had become so popular that people started creating their own versions of it, which eventually led to (More or less) perfection. Or so some may argue. The term "Deviled" was first coined in the 1700s referring to the eggs often being so hot and spicy that it rivaled the heat of, uh, the steamy place down there... So now that we've been briefed with the history of The Deviled Eggs, let's get "Crackin'"! This recipe is milder than what you'd normally expect, but remember, you can make your own versions! - We'll be starting off with:

3 eggs () () ()





A pot

A colander

(Makes six)

Have everything? Great, let's get started!

 First, fill the pot with water until you have enough to completely cover the eggs. Then put the eggs on your stove top on HI and bring them up to a gently rolling boil.

 Once they're boiling, turn the eggs down to LO for 11 minutes.

 When the 11 minutes have passed, gently dump the eggs (Over the sink) into the colander and pour cold water onto them until they're cool enough to handle.

 Crack one egg and peel it. If there is a membrane around the white, remove it. Repeat with the other eggs, and discard the shells properly (Or find an Instructable on how to reuse them).

 Now stand a peeled egg on it's end and cut it straight down from top to bottom. Repeat with the other eggs.

 Bring out the bowl and carefully, without breaking the whites, remove the yolks into the bowl. Once that's done, break up all of the big clumps of yolk until all of the pieces are smaller than a pea.

 Take one Tablespoon of mayonnaise and a half a teaspoon of mustard and mix with the yolks.

 Chop a pickle into smaller-than-a-pea chunks and add to the yolk mixture.

 Arrange the empty egg whites on a plate and divide the yolk mixture evenly between them.

 Sprinkle Paprika lightly (Or to taste) on top of each egg. Add whatever extra seasoning you like. Place a small sprig of Cilantro in the center of the plate for looks, if desired.

 Put away your supplies and serve. I hope you like this recipe, and if you make them like my grandmother, there's no way you couldn't like them!
 Good Eats,
  Win Guy

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