Simulation in CIRCUIT WIZARD

Introduction: Simulation in CIRCUIT WIZARD

Here i am introducing an easy simulator named Circuit Wizard.I hope it will be so easy and helpful for beginners.

This software can be used for simulation as well as PCB designing.

Step 1:



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    this is not an instructable but an advertisement. There's no link to a website and all I can find is a commercial software package.

    Autodesk, please introduce some moderation. A lot of instrucables these days consist of a 1 line about nothing or a link to a toutube movie. I can find things on youtube myself.

    With respect to people that DO put a lot of efford in making an instructable.

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    I completely agree. This is not an instructable, and it was actually highlighted in an email?

    ok i agree with you. please inform it to instructable authority to remove this one...

    So true. Still... it could be a good way of to distribute for beginners to have acces to designing tools for electronics, (there are many such a tools "for free"). That is: give links to them tools for free e.g. RS-electronics has a..... (oooh... my bad don't have the link here now... sorry)

    yes it will help allot for beginners.. in it can study about waveform and something.. and easy to use.. here can design PCB too.

    i thought the videos itself is an instructable the video it explain how to take components how to draw and simulate..

    I accept your my previous instructable one asked about how i draw i posted this video...and i appreciate your worry than instructable team about number of steps needed in an instructables