Sin Wave Simulator

Introduction: Sin Wave Simulator

We had a problem that was developing a prototype to demonstrate sound waves for local students in Vietnam.

We had some constraints like material (MDF wood and PLA), and the prototype should be light in weight and must be made from recycled materials.


We will create a system composed of motors attached to ropes which will demonstrate sound waves

(Sin_wave_simulator.stl is a demonstration of this concept)

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Step 1: Assembly and Design

Firstly, we designed the 3D parts using Solidworks and export as .Stl files and .Dxf for the base.

Then, using the CNC machine we cut out the base from the MDF wood.

Simultaneously, we 3D-printed parts using Ultimaker 3D printer and software.

Finally, we assembled the parts and fixated them together as the design highlights.

Step 2: Testing

After we assembled the parts, we had to readjust the positions of the parts to enhance the mechanism of the system. Then, tested the prototype by attaching a pencil and placing a piece of paper under it to see the waves it creates.

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