Sine Wave Synth Prototype




Introduction: Sine Wave Synth Prototype

Components needed:

· Arduino

· Analog Joy Stick

· Standard Wiring

· Push button

· External Speaker

· 3x Resistor, 150 Ohm

· 2x Small empty circuit board

· LED Light

· Capacitor, 63V

· Acrylic Plate

Tools Needed:

· Soldering Equipement

· Blowtorch (Or a more efficient method of heating up the acrylic plate)

· Glue Gun / Wonderglue

Step 1: Configuring the Hardware

For this project I made use of the Arduino Yun.
I also used two small empty circuit boards to solder to.

The gist of the hardware is about soldering all the equipment onto their respectful circuit boards in order to allow them to communicate with the Arduino.

Feel free to use alternative configurations. This one was just used to fit my final design best.

Step 2: The Code

My original idea was to print the Sine Wave used to create the sound to a LCD display. However due to a faulty display I eventually used the Serial Plotter tool to display the magic behind the sound.

Step 3: Creating the Case

For this project I used acrylic plate because it's easily malleable. Due to lack of better equipment I had to use a blowtorch in order to heat up the plate. I recommend using proper equipment in order to make things a lot easier for yourself.

Step 4: Assembling It All

As you can see the final product, aesthetically, looks slightly different to the original concept drawing. For assembly I used a glue gun and some wonderglue in order to stick everything together. I used leftover acrylic to support the joystick from underneath.

Step 5: The Result

Sorry for the shoddy quality. It was filmed using an old 'smart'phone

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    4 years ago

    This is not sinusoidal !

    It sounds more like triangular. A flute gives a sinusoidal signal.