Dot Matrix Smiley Singing With Music




Introduction: Dot Matrix Smiley Singing With Music

This instructable is about a small circuit which displays a smiley on a LED matrix, singing with the music input.

The circuit schematic, pcb and component placement files are included in the instructable.

The DS 1820 in the circuit is NOT necessary though I added it for future use. The pot on the right below is for testing purposes and can be omitted, it is not present in the PCB anyway.

The code is simple, all it does is to make an analog voltage measurement and get the corresponding image from ROM and display it on the LED dot matrix screen.



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    5 Discussions

    want to learn singing join here

    this is really cool, so it;s just amplitude that is dictating the different faces? did you do any filtering first to remove certain instruments from the song/try to isolate the vocals?

    This is funny, I would love to make this, but I hate PIC's I have Pic basic but I couldn't afford Pic Basic PRO, it's just to much.

    Its much like the Tengu..
    More info would have been appreciated..
    Other can see how to make their`s at:

    cool !!

    but can you give a little more information about the working and the algorithm u used in the code?