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Introduction: Singing Instructables Robot Head

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Ever wonder if the instructable robot talks? Well even if it does talk it now sings! If you follow this instructable you should have your own singing instructables robot head!


For this project you're going to need the following materials:

- cardboard
- tape (or hot glue)
- exacto knife
- scissors
- sharpie or pen
- a speaker
- a cord that plugs into a headphone jack
- wire strippers
- paint brush
- paint
- soldering supplies (optional)
- ruler
- sandpaper 
- head template

Step 1: Trace the Head Onto a Long Piece of Cardboard

Take your exacto knife and trace the face onto the cardboard. Trace it hard enough to just go the paper, not the cardboard. Once you are done tracing it with the exacto knife, take a pen and trace the marks from the knife. 

Step 2: Cutting a Spot for the Speaker

Put your speaker on the cardboard behind the face and trace it with the exacto knife. Don't cut it all the way through. After you trace it cut it so it just touches the thin layer of cardboard. Once you have it cut take the exacto knife and "saw" the thin layer that you just cut. (See picture 2) When finished with those steps sand off the bumps with sand paper. That takes a while so don't get frustrated. When you're done with all those steps it should look picture 3. Your speaker should fit snug into the area you cut.

Step 3: Place the Speaker in the Area and Tape It

Simple, just place the speaker and tape it in place. 

Step 4: Putting the Cord Into the Speaker

This is the step where you can solder if you'd like. Strip the cord so that the two wires shown are exposed. Your colors might be different. Put one wire on one of the prongs and the other on the second prong. Plug your iPod, MP3 player or anything into the cord and play some music. If the speaker doesn't play it flip the wires around. So if I had the speaker like it is now and it wasn't playing I would put the copper looking wire in the prong where the other wire is, and put the other wire where the copper wire was. Try playing music again. If it doesn't work your cord might be broken, or the speaker might be broken.

Step 5: Cut the Sides

Cut out the sides so its just the robot head like mine is.

Step 6: More Cutting!

Cut the bottom line of the head so the cardboard works as a hinge. In other words cut it so that it almost goes through. When you're done cutting it the cardboard should be able to bend up like the second picture.

Step 7: Supports

This step is optional, I did it because my speaker is heavier. Cut two strips about the same length and make a hinge out of them in the middle. Tape or hot glue them to the side with the speaker. (picture 3)

Step 8: More Cutting

Measure the head's length, and then take that number and measure from the cut that folds until you get the length. Cut it again so it also folds. (picture 2)

Step 9: Cloning

Make a piece exactly like the first one, just without the face or speaker.

Step 10: Making the Box

Place the second cardboard piece over the first like a cover. Tape the sides together and the "rough draft" of your box is done. Make sure you cut a hole in one side for the cord to come out.

Step 11: More Tape

Tape the edges so it doesn't show the inside of the cardboard. 

Step 12: Your Almost Done!

Make sure the edges of the tape are smooth and then paint your robot head! Listen to your robot sing while you paint him! 

Step 13: Your Done!

Have fun with your singing robot head! It should sound pretty good. I used a speaker from my old guitar amp.

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    nice project! I really hope that the instructables robot does not sing that carly rae jepsen song!