Singing Tree Rope Runner




Introduction: Singing Tree Rope Runner

design, prototype, waterjet, sandblast, powder coat, and assemble a ascent and descent prototype at tech shop Detroit..  The pulley axles bushings and sheaves were purchased directly from CMI corp.  springs push the upper Rope wrench into the rope causeing it to activate.  pulling up the lower lever arm and clamping it into the rope runner body,  the carabiner



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    Are you planning on mass production?

    There will be a Rope Runner informational day at tech shop detroit on March 1st 2014 Rope runners will be available. Email me at for more info

    "using some of the resources at tech shop"
    This is not an instructable. It is an Advertisement.

    awesome! Let me know when the kickstarter campaign begins, I'll definitely support.

    Is there somewhere I can get updates on this or other awesome ideas you're coming up with? I am pretty excited to see how this turns out.

    I have been using the rope wrench for the past 2 years. Would you say the feel is comparible overall?

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    Yes, there is much less friction on ascent. The descent is not as intuitive as a hitch but easily figured out with a bit of practice. It is heavier and a bit more kinky than a hitch and rw. Hopefully we cn slim it down without cprising safety. It does the same job as an rw. The biggest advantage is the frictionless ascent

    When will I be able to get this? I can not wait to try it out.

    looks nifty. How 'bout some instructions on to make our own!

    What FEA have you done on this?
    What advantages/disadvantages does it have over some of the Petzl/other commercial designs?

    Looks interesting but overly complicated. Would really like to read more about it :)

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    Petzl does not have any combo ascender/ descender devices. This goes directly up directly down. The closest comparison is the rock exotica unicender which has some usability issues in my opinion