Single Braid Half Updo


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Let's work out those arms! Now that you've mastered the basics of braids well within your field of view, it's time to start braiding at the back of your head. This lesson will strengthen your coordination and spatial relationship skills needed to create ornate updos. Try to do this lesson without the help of a mirror.

Step 1: Start With a Ponytail

Smooth the top half of your hair back and up into a ponytail and secure it with a small elastic, leaving the rest of your hair down. It will be easier to focus on what your hands are doing if you're not battling to keep your hair in one place! If your hair is short and your resulting ponytail is too short to braid, try two pigtails instead, or forego the elastic altogether.

Step 2: Braid Three Sections

Divide your ponytail into three sections. Smooth your fingers through each one then cross the rightmost section over the center one, then cross the left section over the center one, and so on as you have already learned.

Be careful not to catch any of the hair outside your ponytail as you braid. You can put it in a temporary ponytail or sweep it over your shoulder if it's getting in your way.

Step 3: Repeat Until Complete

If you're not used to braiding your hair, your arms may become very tired very quickly. It's ok to take a break! You can let go of one section, so long as you're holding the other two. This way you can rest one arm at a time. The more you braid, the stronger your arms will become!

Continue braiding until you reach the end of your ponytail. Pull it away from your head to double check you didn't pick up any hairs you didn't mean to (you can gently pull them free now if you discover some).

Secure the end of the braid with a small elastic.

Step 4: Practice!

This lesson is meant to be repeated, like any good workout. Practice braiding your hair this way, without a mirror, until it becomes second nature! The stronger you make your basic braiding skills, the easier it will be to absorb and recreate more complex techniques.

You got it?! Great! Onward and upward to the next lesson!



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