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This is a simple, but neat bracelet. I think it is easy, but to some it might be hard. Please leave comments yo tell me how I did or/and what I could do better. If you could, please be specific. Thank you for your time.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1) ten bands of one color
2) twelve bands of a different color (Amounts may vary on different loom)
3) hook
4) clip
5) loom (knockoffs work)

Step 2: Setting Up

Place your loom with the arrows facing away from you. If yours doesn't have arrows then make sure the open side is facing away from you. On one side of the loom, put a row of rubber bands. { make sure its the rubber bands with twelve}

Step 3: More Setting Up

Starting on the second peg, with the loom still facing away from you, use your second color (the one with ten band) and place them going up the loom.

Step 4: Looming

For this step you will need your hook. Turn your loom around so the arrows are facing toward you. If you have a loom with no arrows make sure the open part is facing you. Go under the top color, grab the bottom color and bring it forward, using your hook. It might look a little bit funny, but don't worry. Keep repeating this step until you teach the end of your loom.

Step 5: Off We Go

Please be careful on this step. Go to the starting point and start pulling your bracelet off. I put a little bit of pressure on the one that is after the part you are pulling off. You might have a better way of doing this.

Step 6: Fitting

Make a chain bracelet coming off one of the sides until it fits. (For the chain bracelet check my earlier instructable)

Step 7: Clip

Place a clip on one side of the chain you made. Place the other side of the clip on the other side of your bracelet.

Step 8: Tada

Now you have a single crossover bracelet. Yu can wear it or give it to some one.



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    5 years ago



    5 years ago

    I got mine at Michael's for $20


    5 years ago

    it is called a rainbow loom and you can get it at Wal-Mart I think


    5 years ago

    what is this product called and where is it available to buy?