Single Loom Bracelet

Introduction: Single Loom Bracelet

Hi Guys today i am going to be showing you how to make a Single Loom Bracelet. The Single Loom Bracelet is one of the first bracelet i think that you should try to make because it is the one loom bracelet that is not that hard.

The single bracelet you will have to no how to make it to no how to make different bracelets because you do the single loom bracelet in most of the other bracelets that you make. Hope you like it! thanks for taking you time out and reading this.

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Step 1: Get Your Loom and Color Bands

You Need To Get The Colors You Want To Use (I Will Be Using Green And Black)

Step 2: Hooking Up Your First Band

You get the first color you want to start you bracelet (I am starting my bracelet with green)

You get the first color and you hook it to the first peg and turn the peg and hook it to the second peg. once you hook it and it looks like the first photo then you are on the right track to staring to learn how to make a single loom bracelet.

Step 3: Using Your Pick

You get your pick and you should have from the last step you should have your two colors on the loom. You get you pick and get the bottom rubber band on the loom and you pick it and you drag it over across the peg and then you are off to get a single loom bracelet that you want.

If you have followed all of the steps and following all of the ones after this then you are off to having a great awesome bracelet.

Step 4:

You add your next color and you follow step three and when

Step 5: Have You Done It Right

If you have followed all of the steps it should look like the photo above>

Step 6: Thank You

Thank you for taking your time out and reading this and looking at the photos sorry that I did not have a photo for everything I am so sorry for that but thank you so much for letting me teach you how to make a rainbow loom. I hope that my words and photos are enough for you to learn how to make a single rainbow loom. I hope that with you just reading this it make you learn how to make the single loom bracelet and you teach others how to make them and you and your friends and other people can start looking at how to make different ones. Thank you so much for taking your time out and doing this. You have now become one of the most awesomeness person for learning how to make different things.

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    3 years ago

    I like your color combination!