Single Pouch Duct Tape Wallet




A fun and creative wallet that can be customized with any color and design.


Step 1: Materials Needed

Craft project cutting board

12" Ruler

X-acto knife

2 rolls of duct tape ( your choice of color)

Velcro (any shape or color)

Step 2: Creating the Front and Back of Wallet

Cut eight 5.1" x 1.88" pieces of duct tape. Take one piece of duck tape holding the edge measuring 5.1" in length and adhere it to a separate piece of duck tape on its edge measuring 5.1". The final piece created from the two separate pieces of duck tape should measure 5.1" in length x 4" tall. Repeat this process with the remaining 6 cut pieces, until four 4" tall pieces are created. Now take two of the four pieces of duck tape and adhere them together, sticky side to sticky side. Do the same thing with the two remaining 4" tall pieces.

The front and back pieces of the wallet have now been created.

Step 3: The Sides

  1. Cut four 4" x 1.88" pieces of duct tape and put the sticky sides together two at a time in order to create the sides of the wallet.
  2. Take the two solid side pieces and fold each of them in half hotdog style to make them the height of the wallet.
  3. Cut four more 4" pieces of duct tape and tape them to either side of the fold on the concave side of the folded piece.

Step 4: Connecting the Sides to the Front and Back of Wallet

    Place your folded pieces of duck tape between the front and back solid pieces previously created in Step 1. Make sure that the convex sides are in between these two bases. Place the sticky sides of the newly created sides of duck tape from Step 2 to the outsides of the two bases.

Step 5: The Cover Flap

Cut out four pieces of duck tape measuring 5.1" long by 1.88" in width. Stick 2 edge pieces together length wise so that the final piece is 3" in width. Take the final piece measuring 3" in width and place it on the cutting board sticky side up. Place the remaining two pieces of duck tape edge to edge and create another 3" wide piece. Now take the two final 3" wide pieces and adhere then together, sticky side to sticky side.

The cover flap is now complete.

Step 6: Making the Trim Pieces

Cut 5 pieces of duck tape in a complimentary color 1/4" in width by 5.1" in length. Place them on the top and the two sides of the cover flap, fold over the edges to secure in place. Then place the other two pieces onto the top of the two existing base pieces.

Step 7: Connecting Cover Flat to Wallet

Cut a piece of duck tape 5.1" long. Place it near the bottom edge of the cover flap. Secure the cover flap's remaining sticky edge of the 5.1" piece of duck tape to the wallet pouch.

Step 8: Making the Bottom Piece of the Wallet

Cut a single piece of duck tape 5.1" long x 1" in width. Find the center width of the duck tape and hold it in half hotdog style. Place it on the open bottom of the wallet. Adhere this cut piece of duck tape to the bottom front and back edges of the wallet to close it off.

Step 9: Keeping the Cover Down

In order to keep the cover flap down on the wallet, adhere one or two pieces of Velcro on the inside cover of the wallet flap and another coordinating piece on the actual wallet. Velcro the wallet securely in place.

Now the wallet is ready to be used and enjoyed!



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