Single Row LED Light Bar for 2011-16 Ford F250 Install Guide



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This is an installation guide for the 30" 150W single row CREE LED light bar for the 2011-2016 Ford F-250 F-350 Super Duty. In this article, we will show you how to mount this LED light bar on the upper/lower end of the Ford grille as well as the lower bumper area. Please note that for the former, this project will involve modifying your grille, so prepare a handsaw and a drill before getting started.

Step 1: Remove the Grille.

Take off the grill bolts and the push pins at the top of the grille.

Undo the spring clips at the bottom of the grille. Pry open the grille so that you have room to use a long screwdriver to push down on and undo the spring clips.

For this section of the tutorial, we will be mounting the LED light bar at the upper half of the grille.

Step 2: Use a Handsaw to Simply Cut Off the Plastic Beams.

We recommend you lay down the grille on top of a carpet surface to make this step easier to perform.

Step 3: Prepare the LED Light Bar for Installation.

Assemble the rail mount base piece into the slot in the middle of the LED light bar. Lock it in at 5" from the edge using the included hex tool.

Place the M6 bolt in between the base piece and slide in the longer M8 bolt through the rail piece and the M6 bolt. Secure them with the included spring washer and nut.

Step 4: Mount Your LED Light Bar Base Bracket Onto the Columns of the Grille Behind.

Place them where they will be mounted and mark your drilling locations.

Drill through the marked locations. Place the base brackets back and bolt on the hardware.

Step 5: Mount the LED Light Bar on Top of the Base Brackets.

Run the nuts through the M6 bolts to fasten the LED light bar to the base brackets.

Skip to the end of this guide for the last steps.

Step 6: ​This Section of the Tutorial Will Show You How to Mount the LED Light Bar Onto the Lower Bumper Area.

No modification will be required to mount the LED light bar onto the lower bumper area.

Tighten the rail mount base piece 4.5" from the edge instead of 5".

Place the M10 bolt in between the base piece and slide in the longer M8 bolt through the rail piece and the M10 bolt. Secure with the included spring washer and nut.

Step 7: Thread the Angle Adjustment Cap and the U-shaped Bracket Through the M10 Bolt and Secure It With an Included Nut.

Step 8: Locate the Holes in the Lower Bumper Area Indicated in the Picture Below.

This is where you will be mounting your LED light bar.

Step 9: Mount Your LED Light Bar.

Thread a bolt through the longer end of the U-shaped bracket, and then run a nut through the bolt.

Step 10: Final Steps

Reinstall the grille in the reverse order you removed it.

Connect the wires to an existing stock harness or to the included relay harness with on/off switch. Use our guide to learn how to wire a relay harness with on/off switch.

Test your LED light bar to make sure it lights up.



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