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Introduction: Single Serve Instant Chocolate Pudding

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This is a delicious and almost instant chocolate self saucing pudding. This is not a pretty pudding, lurching from 'vomit with skin' to 'unfortunate anal condition' but at least it's a fast transition! Five minutes! Importantly, it is extremely yummy, and I would not have survived university without it. It is best eaten immediately as an afternoon on the bench does not do its appearance any favours.

Step 1: Wash Hands

Or at least wipe them on something....

Step 2: Main Mixture

Take about a spoonful of butter or margarine and place in breakfast bowl

Step 3: Making Batter

Add in 4 tablespoons of sugar and a little vanilla essence if you have any and mix well

Step 4: The Rest of the Stuff

add about half a cup of plain flour, 3 tablespoons of cocoa (unsweetened), a pinch of baking powder and an egg. Then add enough milk to make a smooth batter about the consistency of pancake mix. You can also add other things at this stage, like some bits of chocolate or nuts or some teeth (surprise!)

Step 5: Sauce

Dissolve 3 tablespoons of cocoa and three of sugar in about 3/4 cup of boiling water, in a mug. Pour this mixture over the batter. Try not to look at it.

Step 6: Microwave

Microwave on high for about five minutes, depending on the strength of your machine. Ours has a top speed of 'mild sunburn' so this pudding takes 7 minutes.

NB. If you make the batter thinner, the sauce will sink through the batter as it cooks, making it more like a traditional self saucing pudding where you put your spoon into the cake only to be surprised by a secret layer of chocolate sauce underneath. You do not need this 'surprise' version if you added teeth to the batter at step 4.



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    17 Discussions

    So I made this pudding cat by wiping all the chocolate over him then and massaged it into his fur....came out real fluffy, as a matter of fact I change his name to Fluffy....even tastier when I pour ice-creme all over we ever have a great dessert...nyoum nyom nyom

    If you add the sugar to the butter BEFORE you melt it, it will blend much easier. Also, if you mix the cocoa with the dry ingredients, then mix them into the butter followed by egg followed by the liquids it will all go easier. You DON'T have to use boiling water as the microwave will heat it all for you. HOWEVER, if you wipe your hands on a cow you can use hot milk!

    i added orange zest to make it a choc orange pudding twas very tasty :)

    I tried this recipe today, but we had no plain flour, only self raising. So I thought hey, I'll just halve the proportions. I did that and put it in the microwave for 2 mins, only to be greeted by a foot high sponge cake thing. It was good, and just letting people know, since this cake doesn't stick to the bowl it is in, if any one's ever in a rush a needs a cake pronto, add a quarter of a cup of self raising flour instead of plain flour, wait for it to cool and ice it. Ace, man.

    Nice, and fast ... for those that found it had to much Cocoa, reduce the cocoa in the sauce and add a spoonful of Instant Coffee powder and it's a chocolate coffee yummyness........

    did you try to pour the hot cocoa in a little slower? you know, to temper the eggs? this small but important step stops the eggs from scrambling, and looking like something that you scraped out of yesterdays diaper... dunno if it will work, but I will try it tomorrow ;)

    Oh no! Doggy's going to be sticky for months! Seriously, one time my dog managed to get something (I think it was plum sauce) on her back, and everybody in the family found out the hard way that day. Fortunately it was raining, so she wasn't sticky after she came back in. Sorry, I just thought of that as soon as I saw this picture.

    The cocoa - this is New Zealand cocoa, which I think is way less rich than the stuff I used in the US, so you are probably right about using a lot less. Maybe I should have put that in the recipe......

    This is exactly the same recipe as my gluten-free hot fudge cake. Except we don't use eggs, we use rice flour.

    I just made it, it has way to much cocoa. it even makes me want to upchuck (I have a pretty tough stomach I’ve put down jell-o made with dill pickle juice, a sandwich filled with worms ants and other various protein filled articles, and some stuff the FDA says I cannot repeat) but then again I have a flue I'll try it again when I'm better

    butter, coco, chocolate, and sugar.... ummmmmm

    god, that looks like crap!


    11 years ago

    I've eaten this- it's scarily good. Just don't look at it too closely, and watch for steam pockets under the cake layer. Pour a bit of milk on top and eat happily.