Single String Vintage TOY CLIMBER.




Introduction: Single String Vintage TOY CLIMBER.

This is a replica of an old toy. After some try and err I was able to remake a working climber using few tools and scrap materials.
Hope you enjoy it  ;-) .

Step 1:

Materials :
  1. Wooden sticks or tong depressors.
  2. Toothpicks or bamboo sticks.
  3. Some felt for the pads (you'll see later on where to use them).
  4. Cotton string.
  5. Rubber band (small size).
  6. Glue.

Tools :
  • Hand drill
  • Exacto blade/knife
  • Scissor
  • PC and a Printer (optional)

Step 2:

Gather all material and start cutting the parts of the climber ( BODY - ARMS - LEGS). You should have a total of six pieces.
Make two of each, and glue together the two sides of the body.
Now mark the sites for the holes.
Get the measure from the template or you can just glue the template over the sticks.

This is the  LINK  for more patterns to use.

Step 3: Adding the Felt Pads.

This is the most important step to make your toy a real climber.
You need some friction between his hands. For this cut some pads from a piece of felt and glue inside the arm sticks.

Step 4: Glue Arms to the Body.

Once the felt pads are dried , glue arms on each side of the body and let it dry. Insert the lock-pin (toothpick) where are the hands and before gluing , make some test sliding the cotton string between the hands. You should have some resistance, not too much  and not too little , otherwise your toy would not climb. You can adjust the friction later on once assembled the toy.

Step 5: Put All Together.

Assemble the rest of the toy. Attach the legs to the body.  They have to be freely movable, but connected each other by the lock pin / toothpicks. See the picture for how it should look like.
Consider using a spacer to separate them at the feet. I used a piece of a ball point pen refill.

Step 6: RIGGING Instruction.

Now take the string (cotton advisable) and rig it to your toy.
Look at the picture how to do it the right way.
Almost done !!! Make some test puilling the two ends of the string apart, your new toy should start climbing, if it doesn't, adjust the friction between his hands ( this is a try and err sequence). Do not give up , at some point,  You'll come at the right friction and you'll see  your toy start climbing.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Climber

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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Hi Franky,

    Nice instructions. I've made this however it doesn't climb. Something to do with the felt i guess. The string doesn't seem to feed through. Can you share as to what the felt does and how its expected to work?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Chris, you are too young to remember this toy !

    It does what the title says.  If you pull down and stretch the line, the toy will climb up in a very life-like manner.