Singling a Nerf Longshot

Introduction: Singling a Nerf Longshot

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Singling a longshot increases it's range and power by a lot, but makes it single shot (duh!) with a low rate of fire. Please note that this is NOT a step by step guide, but more of a "this is what I did" guide. This also works off of the assumption that you have a longshot or are familiar with the internals. Also, I have no parts list because this is not step by step. Anyways, onto the guide!

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Step 1: The Internals

The internals for a singled longshot are actually quite simple. All it is is a breach, plunger, catch, and a trigger. To prime, simply pull back on the cpvc handle until the gun clicks, signifying the the catch has caught. Then, load a dart into the barrel, push the handle back forward to seal the barrel, and pull the trigger to fire.

Step 2: The Plunger System

The reason the singled longshot is so powerful is because of its direct plunger. Pretty much all of the n-strike guns, save the longshot, nitefinder, and maybe a few others, all have reverse plungers, which are less air efficient, but much cheaper to manufacture. This is why the elite line is "elite." They have direct plungers, which help increase the range, and are indeed more expensive to make, so it makes sense why the elite line is better than the previous blasters. Anyways, the reason the longshot is so useful for modding is because it has a direct plunger. If you want to know more, google it. As you can see, I have replaced the original o-ring with a beefier one I got from menards. I don't know the size, but you could probably get the same seal if you put electrical or Teflon tape underneath the o-ring. I have also put in a cut down k26 spring instead of the original spring (if you do replace the spring, save the old one! They come in handy when you need a better spring on a similar gun!) to increase the speed of which the air comes out, and removed the air restrictor.

Step 3: The Priming System

On the first picture, I have a five inch long piece of half inch cpvc with electrical tape wrapped around the end for an air seal. Remember that the e-tape end is inside the plunger, not outside like shown in the pictures (the reason it is outside is so you can see an exploded view). As you can see, at the end of the five inch piece is a t-joint, also half inch cpvc. This then attaches to a handle of the size of your choice, with a cap on the end. While my singled longshot is not finished yet, when it is, I will use some sort of adhesive to attach all the pipes, because otherwise the handle tends to fling off when you prime the blaster (I know this probably sounds vague, but if you do this mod and don't use some sealant or glue to keep these together, you'd know what I mean).

Step 4: The Catch

This is what keeps your blaster primed. This is relatively simple, but you may notice that I have two springs wound together. This is because with only one spring, the gun would randomly fire, even if I didn't pull the trigger, and I don't want to dry fire or randomly shoot at someone, so I upgraded the catch springs. You only need to do this if your gun has an upgraded main spring.

Step 5: The Trigger

Nothing fancy here, in fact, I did nothing at all. The trigger is fine.

Step 6: The Barrel

Only use a barrel if you are going to be firing stefans/slugs out of this. I will be, so I have a barrel. To make this all you need to do is put a piece of half inch cpvc down the original barrel and mark it at at about three inches out of the barrel. DONT DO THIS if you are using stock nerf darts because this will create such a seal that the wont even go out of the barrel. If you do use a barrel though, epoxy or hot glue it into place.

Step 7: Getting the Priming System In

You may be scratching your head and pondering how i managed to get the priming system in. Well, I hammered off the boltsled and took out the piece in was attached to inside the barrel. The picture shows the boltsled after I hammered it out.

Step 8: Reassembly

Look at some of my pictures of the internals, and compare them to your gun, then screw it back together.

Step 9: The Final Product

Here you can see the longshot completed. Provided you did everything properly, it should fire harder and farther. You can see that I used the cutting wheel on my dremel to make a place for the bolt to sit, took of the tactical rail, and decreased the bulk of it.

Step 10: Conclusion

You may be done, but I'm not! I'm still working on this, and will post my final product when I complete it! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my guide, and sorry if I am vague and/or hard to understand in some parts.

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    1 year ago

    so I decided to do this to my longshot. I have a problem. After i hacksaw off the bolt sled and left only this part. How can I attach a pvc pipe on to it?


    5 years ago

    Great instructable! I have definitely put it on my to-do list.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Please note that mine has actually been minimized, and thus looks pretty different from a normal longshot. Just remember that you have to cut off the tactical rail for sure to make it work. Other than that, good luck, and sorry for the delayed reply!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Why has no one commented? I would like to see some feedback!