Singularity Mk II (Update 1)

Introduction: Singularity Mk II (Update 1)

About: I like to build a lot of things, as you can see, but if you want me to build something specific, just send me a message.

This is it: the i'ble for battlebot 3084, Codenamed: Singularity. The "Mk II" comes from the fact that I've made armour upgrades since the original photos.

*By building this device for yourself, you (1) agree to credit the original designer (Jmiester) when posting photos of this device on the internet or otherwise, and (2) agree to hold harmless the original designer (Jmiester) in the event of injury, (physical or mental) or death , either intentional or accidental, resulting from use or misuse of the designer's (Jmiester's) specifications.

**Please note that this is a work in progress, this secondary disclaimer will be removed once I complete the instructable. Any Questions, Comments, or Constructive Criticism wanted. Please post these in the respective area's step. Thank you, Jmiester

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Step 1: Step 1 the Hammer/Part A: the Arm

1: make
2: make
3: assemble
4: make
5: (another view of 5)
6: make the thing on the right
7-9: assemble stuff from pics 4-6
10: attach thing from pic 3
11: make 2 of these
12-13: attach things from pic 11 like so

now you're done with the arm!

Step 2: Step 1 the Hammer/Part B: Hammer Head (part 1)

The head is assembled layer by layer, follow the pics. (Each side is a mirror image of the other) Pay attention to blue/black peg placement. all blues here are half round/half plus-sign

1: layer 1
2: layer 2
3: layer 3
4: layer 4
5: layer 5
6: finished (repeat layers 1-4 in reverse, mirror image order. the head should be in- & ex- ternally symmetric)

Step 3: Step 1 the Hammer/Part C: Hammer Head (part 2) and Completing the Hammer

now for the spikes on the hammer head, just follow the pics.

1: make claws
2: insert into one side of hammer head
3: now the other side
4: secure with grey thing length 5
5-6: head should look like this

Step 4: Step 1 the Hammer/Part D: Assembly

Now to assemble the hammer

1: The finished hammer
2-3: attach head to arm like so
4-6: you are now done assembling the hammer

Step 5: Step 1 the Hammer/Part E: Attachment of Hammer to Motor, and Motor Extras

Now to attach the hammer to the motor, and install some extra hardware to the motor

1: Finished hammer assembly
2: gather these
3-4: put together like so
5: attach to motor
6: attach hammer to motor

Optional (just to make it look nice)
7: make these
8: how to attach them
9: push in (Hammer alignment is also detailed) 

Step 6: Step 2: Wheelbase/Part A: Left Side

Coming soon!

Step 7: Step 2: Wheelbase/Part B: Right Side

Coming soon!

Step 8: Step 3: NXT Brick Wiring A

These are the wire you need, and where they are placed on the NXT brick

Step 9: Step 4: Assembly A

Coming soon!

Step 10: Wiring B

Coming soon!

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    4 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hey jmeister! Nice pics. They aint as bad as you told me they would be.
    It might take me a while to finish building Singularity. Sorry for that but i have several other robots building right now. A new Spiderbot series. And i have ot finish Paradox's automatic program. It might be done in a few months but i will get it done.
    Good Job! :)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    thnx! the rest of the pics might take awhile, since i have to dis an re assemble such a complex structure...