Sink Water Fountain


This is a water fountain for your sink. You can use it after you brush your teeth to get the toothpaste taste out of your mouth. It is also very inexpensive.

Step 1: Materials

All this is is a small PVC piece just big enough for the width of the sink, two bottoms of a balloon, and a straw.

Step 2: PVC

Take the PVC piece and put one of they balloon bottoms to it with mouthpiece up and proceed putting the other balloon bottom on the other side with mouthpiece down. Find your PVC piece through the balloon and drill a hole big enough to put the straw through.

Step 3: Straw

When putting in the straw have it an angle where water would come out of a fountain you would see next to a schools bathroom.

Step 4: Installation and Completion

Connect the top balloon bottom around the mouth of the sink and the water will smoothly flow through the other end. To get your fountain to work you squeeze the balloon bottoms mouthpiece that is down around the neck of the balloon ( not too hard or it will burst ) you will then have water coming out of the straw ready to take a sip.



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