Sinus Relief

Introduction: Sinus Relief

when anyone in our family had sinus headaches

and or a very stuffed nose

and nothing else was working

we would use this remedy:

Step 1: Make Your Herbal Mix

You can add or remove any of these items,

and use at your own discretion.

Most important of all: MULLEIN (Verbascum)

other ingredients: colts foot, echinacea, eucalyptus leaf, goldenseal, wild cherry bark

Find these ingredients online or in the wild, and let them dry if they aren't already.

break them up, mix them and store them in a jar until you need them

mullein is a key ingredient- it is very soothing and drying, if this is the only one you have access to

it will suffice.

Mullein grows throughout the U.S. and is regarded as a weed by some but truly an elegant plant.

Step 2: Boil Some Water

Fill a pot about half full of water, add some of your herbal mix ( i usually use about 1/4 cup)

bring the water to just a boil- dont over boil your herbs

Step 3: Steam Your Face and Breathe

Put the pot on a table

get a big towel that you can drape over your head


cover the pot of hot water with the same towel

let the steam work its magic on your face, you can breathe some to

This is boiling hot water and steam so do not hurt yourself


if the steam is too hot wait a while

do not scald your face from the steam


You should always drink a lot of water when you're sick anyway

to flush out the toxins.

you can keep the pot of water and herbs for a day or two, and repeat the process a few time a day.

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