Steampunk Nerf Vigilon Mod




Sir Corvus' Plasma Pistol is my Nerf Vigilon Mod. I went with the Vigilon over the Maverick for many reasons. I liked the disks and its silhouette better, but mostly to make it stand out more. First step is to break the gun apart without losing any of the screws. Then I spray painted both the gun and a few of the bits I would add later. I would like to note here that I used no base coat, but if I do it again I will spray a base black coat first. I wanted it to be two tone so I went with a hammered gunmetal and a gold with some shine to it. Next I reassembled the gun and made sure it still fired. The next was adding the decorative sculpting. I used air hardening modeling clay to sculpt the shell on the top, the wings and the name sash on the front. After it dried I sprayed it gold. The doodads attached to the side include watch insides, model battleship parts, and copper wire. The grip is made from leather that I cut to size and glued to the gun. Then I wrapped the handle with some brass wire that went into holes I drilled. The final step was to make a black wash that I rubbed the gun with to give it a used appearance, and added a little rust to the steel portion.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry have not been on in a while. Thank you. I used air hardening clay. I can't remember the company name. I agree about sanding the logo, but time was pressed on this one.


    5 years ago

    dam that is flipping epic man


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I'd suggest next time removing the vortex logo on the bottom, when I did mine I used a marker and sand paper to get it off.