Sirius Black Wand Clay Harry Potter

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Step 1: Material

Things you need :

2.A wooden stick ( i used brush handle) or you can use chopsticks

3.Acrylic paint ( or you can use brown and Dark brown nail polish)

4.Top coat ( to secure the wand from any damage )

Step 2: Attach

1.First of all make the wood a little wet that the clay would attach perfectly.And then attach the clay.

2.Then try to make the clay like the image above.(Sorry i forgot to take images)

3.Then make the holes ( i used a dotting tool from my nail art tools )

4.Let it dry completely

Step 3: Color

1.Color the holes and lines . With dark brown.

2.Then carefully color the other parts.

Step 4: Apply

1.Apply the top coat to secure the work.



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    1 year ago

    This looks great! Just like the original prop. Nice work :)