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Introduction: SirronTM's NES Controller MP3 Player

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Images of NES controller mp3 player project.



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    Nice idea except i always get crappy mp3s that dont have a d-pad like that is there some way to wire it to make it work with a nes controller (a and b buttons also) .

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    That really depends on the mp3 player. If yours is a crappy Chinese S1 mp3 player ( then you can still use that. In fact, that's what most people use for this mod because they're so commonly available.

    I suggest you search around for NES Mp3 players, and definitely look at:

    which is a full Instructable rather than just a slideshow like mine. I didn't follow it, in fact I started mine long before it was written, then I got distracted and didn't complete it until much later.

    I've had several deals like that, like two xboxs and a PlayStation 2 for free, and a few similar deals.