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Introduction: Unreal Skaarj Papercraft

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Always wanted to have your own Skaarj army to annoy those pesky players? Or just as your pet to scare your friends? Now you can with these paper models! Just print, cut and glue them together. You can scale them to your liking using pepakura Designer (you see the dimensions in there) and apply different textures I included if you want. They are are scaled properly towards each other. Please note that they are not scaled towards the other UT99 weapons instructable.


Download Pepakura Designer here:

Adjust your papersize accordingly! The papersize used is A4, so if you are using Letter format you need to change it
in Settings->Print and Paper Settings->PaperSize and then rearrange the parts to fit the page.

You can resize the papermodel to your liking by going to the 2D Menu->Change Scale->Scale Factor.

If you don't/do want the fold lines, but want to keep the flaps, go to 2D Menu->Edit Mode->Eedge color
and then check "Hide Edges Almost Flat" and put the slider all the way to the left (0 Deg.) to hide the fold lines.
Slide the slider to the right if you want the foldlines to appear.

If you want to keep the fold lines, but want them more transparent:
Go to Settings-> Print and Paper-> adjust the ammount of transparancy that you want. (This affects foldlines and flaps).

You can change the texture by going to Settings->Texture Settings and replace the texture with a different one. I inlcuded different texture files for the SkaarjWarrior and the SkaarjTrooper.

Use the software to easily see which parts connect to each other.


Models included are:
- Skaarj warrior standing
- Skaarj warrior sitting and inspecting claw
- SkaarjTrooper
- Pupae
- Warlord
- Queen

Step 1: Printing, Cutting, Folding & Gluing

- Scissors/knife
- (Hot)glue
- Patience

Print the patterns, cut them out, fold and glue them together. Be sure use a glue that does not affect the paper (use hotglue or glue designed for paper). Use the pepakura to see which edge is connected to which edge if you are unsure. 

For the double sided faces, you just glue them on each other and leave the end open so you can glue (the tentacles/wings) on the model. Cut out the parts that should be rendered transparent (like the ends of the wing).

The Warlord can barely stand on its own due to the wings that unbalance the model, so I would suggest to put some stones in his feet or glue it to something so the weight is counterbalancing. I would suggest to apply the same to the Queen.

If you want to get rid of the white lines you can color them so they will be less dominant or use pepakura to fill the outlines, but be careful to keep the correct outlines!

Step 2: Finished Models

Here are the finished models. I didn't build the Queen so I included a render.
As you can see I put a different texture on the sitting Skaarj.

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    2 years ago

    These are amazing! Unreal 1 is still my favorite game.