Skaptor Begginer Gun





Introduction: Skaptor Begginer Gun

About: Im just a guy that is interested in knex projects...

Originally this was my first gun but i didnt post it because i upgraded it, the latest version is the Skaptor knex bb shooter 2.0
cannot shoot bb bullets
it can shoot bb bullets

Step 1: Handle

handle is very simple

Step 2: Barrel

make the barrel

Step 3: Firing Pin

firing pin

Step 4: Trigger


Step 5: Put It All 2gether

put it all 2gether



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    36 Discussions

    if i had some knex and not some crappy lego cross bow i would love to build this. ohh yeah this has a real true trigger

    Wrong. I don't have one posted. And, as i have said before, i'd rather not post anything, than post something uninventive and well (quite frankly) terrible.

    I have a gun. i posted it ageesssssss ago. it's a sniper. slingshot. true trigger. this thing is like the size of one shard of magnesium crystal compared to my sniper!

    i like this gun because every ones first gun is a crappy block trigger so 5.0 stars