Skate/ BMX Film Handle

Introduction: Skate/ BMX Film Handle

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Step 1: Get Your Parts Together

Materials:                                                            Tools:

2-   5'' L Braces                                                   Socket Wrench
2-   5/16 Bolts                                                      Screwdriver 
2-   5/16 Nuts
1-   Tripod Screw
1-   Roll of electrical tape (optional)

Step 2: Allign Brackets

Step 3: Insert Bolts

Insert bolts and finger-tighten nuts

Step 4: Torque

Torque down with socket wrench.

Step 5: Add Electrical Tape (optional)

If you want add some electrical tape for grip, decoration, or both.  

Step 6: Tripod Screw

insert tripod screw and tighten it to the camera so the rig is secure.

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