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Introduction: Skate or Plant!

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These were great shoes. I tied them together a while ago and just threw them into a tree. I noticed some growth on them and had to put some flowers in them. These shoes gave me a great time skateboarding and now they are givingt back to the world long after the use they were made for faded. They just keep on going.

Step 1: Low Light Where the Moss Grows

Theses are some pictures if the shoe in there nature setting.

Step 2: Getting the GOODS Ready for the Dirt

Took the shoes down from the tree. Looking to see what needs to be done before flipping them into flower pots.

Step 3: Peat Moss and Plants

So I use one of my seed starts trays to lean the shoes on. This way there were at an angle. Filled the entire shoe with peat moss.

Step 4: Plant and Run

Broke the roots up with both plants and placed them into the shoes. Nothing too complicated, but it was a lot fun to do.

Step 5: Hung Back Up and Good

After I got the 2 shoes filled with plants, I placed them outside. I will post new pictures up very soon in the locations that got the shoes from. I use a low light plant because of the location the shoes were in. Some light, but not full light. Thank you for looking at my projects. I really appreciate it. Have a good day.



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    they look real cool shold make some for my tree house im building slowly

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    Thank you. otherwise was some fun stuff to do, and can plant a lot of so many different plants/flowers in them.

    they look real cool shold make some for my tree house im building slowly