Skateboard Camera Handle

Introduction: Skateboard Camera Handle

In this I will explain how to make your own camera handle cheap ($10-ish) !!!

This will fit in any camera that can be put on a tripod!

Step 1: Supplys

 Here is a list of supply you will need:

-A piece of thin (but not too thin) Steel (I bought this form a hardware store for like 4 bucks)
-A drill with a bit the size of tripod screw
-Hockey Tape (was lying around my house so i used it otherwise cheap)
-Some foam or news paper(foam is great but if not news paper will suffice)
-A screw from a tripod..... uhh just take the screw to any hardware store and find a match.
- Duhh a camera! 
- And a vice!!

Step 2: Directions- Metal

 - Ok first what you will need to do is gaet the steel and measure it up.
- what i mean by that is place you camera on the steel draw lines on it and bend it
- to bend it you need a vice
-place the steel in the vice with the line showing where you want to bend it
- bend the steel on the lines with the vice untill the meatal un in a "C" shape

Step 3: Directions- Drilling

measure where you want your camera and draw a dot
try to be as accurate as possible 
take your bit(i cant quite remember what size?) and start drilling
i went through about two drill bits in the process but what ever i have lots of bits. 
now measure up your hole stick the screw in and boom you have your handle!>>>

Step 4: Directions- Grip

 The grip is not that necessary but it is worth it to have one it makes it hella more comfortable
-first what you do is find any foam or even newspaper that is lying around and roll it or ;put it around the handle part of the handle.
-now tape it
-i used hockey tape for comfort and grip but you can use duck tape 
- and there you have it put it all together and film some gnar footage!

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