Skateboard Coat Rack

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My kids had a broken skateboard so i decided to upcycle it in to a coat bag rack.


Broken Skateboard

You might be able to find some used skateboards on ebay Ebay UKEbay US


assortment of bolts Ebay UKEbay US

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Step 1: Disassembley

you can see in the 1st picture where the truck was broken. So to start of i disassembled the skateboard. everything was taken apart with a screwdriver and ratchet.

Step 2: Cut and Screw

I cut the board with the tablesaw and screwed the back together side by side.

Step 3: Attaching the Wheels

I drilled some holes in the board and also used a forstner bit so that the head of the bolt would be recessed.

I attached the wheels using some bolts. the wheels will act as a hook to hang the bags and coats.

Step 4: The Finish

I attached the new skateboard coat rack on to wardrobe door by using some long screws from the back of the door. and that is it finished. I made this a while ago for my kids bedroom. It lasted well but i would like to have another go at it. i think i could do a better job now that i have gained some experience. This was also my 1st video I uploaded to youTube I hope that my videos have improved since this one but would love to know what you think.

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