Skateboard GoPro Mount



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Ever wanted to see in a first person perspective your awesome skateborad travels around the city? Now it's time!

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Step 1: What We Will Need

For this one we need the board, of course. (I've removed the trucks so it's easier to make everything) and also we need one 1/4" screw, some nuts, some washers and one GoPro tripod mount.

Step 2: Marking and Drilling

I've decided to put the mount at the front part, so I can mount it over or under the deck and with low risks of damage by accidental kick.

Step 3: Screwing and Positioning

I ended up not using the washer because of the height of the screw at the top of the board. The nut under the deck will be the height regulator, so you can put the tripod mount in the correct position and orientation and tighten it up right after. If averything went ok, you should get something like this.

Step 4: Let's Roll!

Everything thight? Mount your action cam and let's make some shots!

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