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I was out skateboarding early one morning with my dog when I came across a broken timber skate deck near the skate ramps.

Picking it up I realised that it would make a great skateboard hook...someones loss could be reclaimed.

Come with me and I will show you how to make your own skateboard hook...

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Step 1: Find an Old Skateboard Deck

You will need an old skateboard deck, you may be lucky enough to find one as I did abandoned in my local park.

The deck will need the tail kick and the truck fixing holes and a little bit more for the shape at the bottom of the hook.

A truck is a device that consists of a baseplate, cushioned axle + pivot that allows a skateboarder to turn the skateboard by leaning.

The only other bits that you will need are -

Four screws to fit the truck fixing holes - I used stainless steel screws 3.5 gauge x 20mm approx. The length will depend on the thickness of the deck x2. If they are a little long they can be snipped off after pre-fitting.

Two screws for fixing to a wall and masonry plugs if fitting to a masonry wall.


Bandsaw - alternatively a jigsaw, fretsaw or copping saw. Please use an old blade as the deck tape will blunt the blade.

Disc sander - I used an attachment on my lathe though a stand alone disc/belt sander is good or a hand held disc/sander will work as well.

Spindle sander - for the tight internal curve I used a spindle in my lathe turned to the correct diameter with abrasive paper glued to it. Alternatively a bobbin sander or sanding attachment on a rotary tool would work well. Or by hand!


Wood drill bits to suit screw size

Masonry drill bit if fixing to solid wall to suit screw size

Screwdriver to suit screws

Abrasive paper - The old deck tape works well!

Scissors to cut out the template

Spray paint any colour will do [except black], or white chalk for marking out shape

Step 2: Template

Download the PDF template file for the cut out shape.

Print it out at 100% and cut out on the dotted line.

Adjust the template if the size doesn't quite suit the deck that you have.

Lay the template on your skateboard deck and centralise the four truck fixing holes to the template.

Get all urban and spray paint around the template to mark where you need to cut.

Chalk would work well I think on the black deck tape, though not so cool!

Step 3: Cut Out Shape

Cut out the hook shape from the deck.

I used a small bandsaw taking care to roll the shape to keep the deck flat on the bandsaw table at all times.

A jigsaw would work as well or even a fretsaw or copping saw. Just use the best tool you have to hand.

The deck tape is abrasive and will blunt your blade, make sure you use an old one.

Sand the outside edges.

I have a disc sanding attachment on my lathe that is perfect for this.

Any disc sander or belt sander machine/hand held will work well or even by hand.

Sand the inside shape. I used a spindle that I turned on the lathe to the exact diameter with abrasive glued on.

A bobbin sander or rotary tool with suitable attachment would work or again by hand.

Lightly sand the arriss's [corners] by hand. I found that the tape deck works well as an abrasive!

Step 4: Spacer Block

Next make a spacer block to give enough room for the skateboard to hook on.

Mark out on a scrap of the deck where the four truck fixing holes comes to. Shape the spacer larger than these holes though I set the final shape about 5mm back in from the edge of the hook.

Remove any deck tape, just get a blade under it and pull off.

Sand the spacer flat. Skateboard decks, as I am sure you know, undulate and we need this spacer to be nice and flat to fit flat against a wall.

Drill and countersink two fixing holes centrally to the spacer one above the other. This allows for fixing the hook securely to a timber stud.

Pre-fix the hook to the spacer through the four truck fixing holes.

If your screws poke out the back of the spacer [as mine did] snip them off flush.

Remove and save for later fitting.

Cool your skateboard hook is ready for fitting...

Step 5: Fix It to a Wall

Decide where you would like your skateboard hook to go.

You will need a strong wall to fix to, masonry or into a timber stud of a plasterboard partition wall.

I advise you NOT to use a plasterboard fixing as I know the force of the skateboard will rip it out!

Please be careful and make sure that there are no electrical cables, water or gas pipes in the wall where you want to fix the hook. If you are unsure please consult a professional.

I chose the back of my workshop door that is OSB and perfect and easy to fix to. Frankly every workshop should have a skateboard...its cool and it is the best thing I know for moving big heavy objects.

Position the spacer block and fit the top screw.

Temporary fit the hook with a couple of screws.

Stand back and make sure it is upright.

Remove the hook screws and fit the bottom screw in the spacer block.

Fit the hook with all four of the truck fitting screws.

Get your skateboard and hang it up. Works well for coats, hats....


This project is part of my YouTube series Its a Rubbish Challenge where I try to make cool and interesting things out of the stuff that we throw away. Please check out my channel if you want to see more of the challenges, if not there will be more coming to Instructables

If you don't want to make a skateboard hook why not visit my website Pricklysauce. to see my range of bent Birch ply hangUp hooks featuring the hangUp skate that was the inspiration for this Instructable. HangUp scooter and hangUp mini are also available, hangUp guitar is on its way! I would love to make one for you.

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