Skateboard: How to Ollie

Introduction: Skateboard: How to Ollie

So, what is Ollie?
Well Ollie is a basic "jump" on a skateboard.

You MUST know how to Ollie if you want to be a good Skateboarder

You can thrust me about my instructions, i am PRO skateboarder, i skate since i was 3 years old, and i can land almost EVERY trick, even 900 flip (you will learn soon what 900 flip is)

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Step 1: Foot Position

Foot positon is MOST IMPORTANT thing when doing an Ollie.

You want to place your front foot right on MIDDLE of the skateboard, and you want to place your back foot on TAIL of skateboard - or for beginners: you want to place your back foot at the END of skateboard

Step 2: Jump

In one smooth motion jump off your back foot first, kicking the TAIL to the floor.
When the tail hits, slide your front foot up to the nose, while picking your knees up towards your chest.
This will force the tail of the board into the air with you.

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    3 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

     I'm sorry, but is this a joke?
    I used to skateboard, but had to stop for my own reasons....but these instructions don't truly explain how to do the simple, yet hard to first learn, ollie. To a beginner, the ollie is possibly the most difficult trick to learn, so you HAVE to be in-depth on describing EACH step to a beginner. I've had to teach many kids on how to ollie. If you are a "professional", you'd have a much better explanation of it. It is also much better to to them in person to help correct any problems they are experiencing in real time.
    I'm sorry to bash of your instructions, but as simple as the ollie is, to a beginner, it's almost impossible. Be real descriptive next time. 


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    i agree. I've been playing skateboard for like 2 years now, and i still havent perfected my ollie. But i'm pretty good at ramp skating (rock and roll and revert it's my first move in ramp skating)