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This is my how-to on making a new light fixture out of a cracked skateboard. My son is four and loves all sports. So I was trying to show him how to olley on his board(not meant for 225lbs.) and cracked the deck a little. Since he's way into skating, I decided to just get him a new board and recycle the old one.

These boards are normally about $15 but we found one on sale for $8. So, no need to try and salvage the trucks or wheels. I hope you enjoy this and if you have any questions or if I leave anything important oujt just let me know in the comments or DM me.

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Step 1: Cuttin Up

The first step is to drill out the board for a 5 or 6" can light. I had a 5.5" hole saw and drill press. Easy peazy!!

Step 2: Attach the Light

Puttin in the light

Step 3: Securing the Light

I used the facory clips and a couple of wood blocks to secure the light to the board.

Step 4: Fit As a Fiddle

Tight fit that doesn't slip out.

Step 5: Chain

I use a nail as a pilot hole. Then screw in a lag eyelet for holding the chain. I forgot to take any pics of the chain. It is a piece of chain that you can buy at any hardware store. I had some left over from putting in a ceiling fan in a suspended ceiling. it's very inexpensive and has a cool gritty look to it. I had some shiny chain that I was going to use but this seemed more appropriate. I just looped it around the eyelets and clamped it using wire clamps. Again, you can get them pretty cheap at any hardware store.

Step 6: Wiring It Up


two gang ko(knock out) box and lid

light socket with mounting flange and can light(LED)

wire nuts

SO cable

grommets(box connectors)

round box cover to attach the light to the ceiling box

From the ceiling, put one end of the SO cord into the ceiling box. Then put the connector and the chain into the box to hold the chain. the other end of the SO cord goes into the ko box that is mounted to the middle of the skateboard. Inside this box, wire nut the light socket to the SO cord. Mount the light socket next to this box and in between the can light. Just screw in the can light pigtail and mount to the ceiling. It's really an easy wiring job. But if you're new to basic electricity it can seem a little daunting. The main thing is making sure all of your components are attached securely and all the electrical connections are made up tight. There is also a class for lamp making that may help any novice.

Now you're done and ready to show off to one of the most excited little boys that you could imagine.

I hope that this was easy to understand and enjoyable.

Step 7: Voila

The lamp is 75 watt equivalent EATON 5-6" can light LED retrofit. They are really nice and only cost about $10-$25. I chose the 4000K for a little warmer(amber) light. Overall I am thrilled with the whole light. I was thinking of doing a kickstarter to try and team up with anyone with a lot of old boards and collaborating to make a new company that recycles old skateboards for enthusiastic people that love unique fixtures. Or just a one of a kind light to brighten up my sons room.

Either way, be on the lookout for another custom light fixture. Because as soon as my daughter saw this, she immediately said "where's my new light". LOL

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    So cool!!