Skateboard Shelf Stand

Introduction: Skateboard Shelf Stand


In this instructable, I will demonstrate the process for creating your own skateboard shelf

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Step 1: Get Materials Ready

This are all the materials you need for your instructable:

Scrap skateboard



screws (1 cm)

2 angle brackets

Step 2: Start Nailing

With your screwdriver and screws, nail the angle brackets to your board until they are firm and not moving

Note: in some cases (like mine) the board is curved shaped so you want to try to find the flattest point to be able to properly nail the angle brackets, this may be near the tires

Step 3: Decorating

The final step is to decorate your newly made shelf weather to fit the style of your room, living room or home.

Note: you may use different materials and tools to decorate like spray paint, normal paint, or other decorations of your choice

Step 4: Enjoy!

Enjoy your newly created shelf!!

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    1 year ago

    Clever idea! : )