Skateboard Wax





Introduction: Skateboard Wax

My boys wanted me to help them make some grind rail wax for there skateboards so I did a little research online & on instructibles & this is what we came up with!

Step 1: Materials

Vegetable oil
Soda can
A mold (we used jello cups)

Step 2: Cut Candles

You need to brake up the candles & remove the wicks, also if you are using crayons brake them up as well so they melt faster. We made four different mixes to see what we liked best, colors & slickness!

Step 3: Mix It Up

Get a pan of water going on the stove & put your broken candles & crayons (if you used crayons) in the cut soda can. Place the can in the water stirring the wax with a Popsicle stick. Once the wax melts add some oil & or butter and mix it in. Again I did all four of ours different to see what worked best but they all turned out pretty similar in the slickness category! I probably will not mess with the butter next time.

Step 4: Pour & Cool

After its all mixed up & melted pour it in a mold of some kind & refrigerate for a while, an hour or so until the wax has solidified.

Step 5: All Finished (Go Skate)

Once it's hardened you're done! I put my molds under a little warm water to get the wax to pop out easy. The red & green waxes had crayons in them & they can make a big mess just by looking at them so I probably will not use crayons again either, if you want certain colors the best way is to use different color candles! The crayons work fine just a lot more messy so if you aren't worried about that use some crayons! Go slap some on a curb or a rail & tear it up!



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    9 Discussions

    @Gabbi1146 No I don't really skate. I made it for my 2 sons and they use it. It works as well for them as what they have bought at skate shops, just a bit messier!

    Have you tested the wax for yourself

    @BMXsquad88 Nice!

    I made loads of this stuff, works great! I poured mine into an empty deodorant container, it works soooo well, thanks!!

    @dmcflanigan Cool I'll have to try that next time!

    That's about the same recipie my friends and I use :) another thing we've found that helps it slide is adding some zippo fluid to the mix along with the vegitable oil. Helps keep a little mouisture but not to much

    Sex wax is for surfboards & it's made for traction to keep your feet on the board (they might make a skate wax too but I'm not sure) skate wax is made to be slippery so you slide better in a grind. They do sell skate wax but it's a whole lot more fun to make it! (I don't really skate either I do have a cruiser board I ride on occasion but that's about it, this was for my 2 sons who love to skate.)

    Wouldn't it be best to use sex wax? (Sorry I don't skate though I have a board.)