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Couldn't think of a better misuse than this! Check out my instructable on how to create this awesome misuse

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Step 1: Cut the Broken Boards

First off find 1 or 2 broken boards! DO NOT GO CUT A PERFECT BOARD. Cut them at 10 inches tall.

Step 2: Hand Made Dowels

I cut 1inch by 1inch then used a round over bit in the table saw to create the round dowels!!!

Step 3: Cut the Inside

cut a piece if 1/4 inch plywood 4 inches tall by the length of 3 beer plus dividers. Super scientific measurements only for this!! I then place a can and make it with a pencil. Put another can and make another mark then cut a 1/4 inch groove half way down then measure 2 cans across with 1 divider cut a 1/4 inch groove halfway down on 2 of these stain all the wood put some poly on it to protect it from the condensation of your frost beverages.

Step 4: Place Dowels

again super scientifically measurements place the frosty beverages in the rectangular piece of wood mark both sides cut it down then cut dowels down to the size you need drill holes at the top of the boards 1 inch or so down from the top.glue and screw everything together

Step 5: Add a Bottle Opener With Rare Earth Magnet

place bottle opener on either side put some silicone on the back of a magnet place it below bottle opener. Boom catches the caps pretty sweet! If you want all the measurements hit me up in the comments below

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    Reply 1 year ago

    12 inch dowels
    8 3/4 base
    Side dowels
    8 and a1/2 but this could change based on the board you use
    5 1/4 by 4 inch you need 2 for the guts of the carrier
    8 1/4 ×4 for the centerpiece