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Introduction: Skateboard Under-glow

I made this a couple weeks ago, the idea came to me after i was hit by a truck and broke my both my top and bottom jaws, my eye socket, both my cheek bones (i have metal plates now), my nose was broken and i broke my collar bone. I was in acoma for a week and had 5 surgeries since. This happened to me a little more than a year ago and i have racked up more than $100,000 in debt and have lost feeling in both my lips and most of my cheeks and i have loss all taste. Luckily, insurance paid for most of the bills.
After having a long time recovering i came up with the idea that will give more visibility to a skateboard. I fixed 28 LEDs onto the bottom of my skateboard deck. 
FIrst, I had to drill 28 holes one inch in and spread out an inch. Then, I inserted all 28 LEDs into the holes and wired all the LEDs together in a parallel circuit then i connected two AA batteries and put grip tape over all the hardware then i was cruising with lights!
I think this helped me get better visibility and i plan on making and selling these RIght now i am in the process of making a multi color flashing LEDs with a remote control.

thanks for viewing my skateboard with under-glow hope you enjoy it!! 



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    Awesome idea dude! Really sorry about the accident tho :/

    did you use 5mm LEDs or 8mm, or any resistors? Sweet, simple project man!

    This is amazing! Now I just need a drill... LOL That sucks that an @$***** truck dude hit you. This Is a cool ible pls tell me if you sell these so I can buy one

    Very creative idea! I am thniking of making my own longboard and now i think i will involve this LED idea! Also, did you make that battery pack yourself? Can i get some more information on the batteries? I was planning on making an instructable with my longboard, would it be ok if i linked this one for the LED steps?

    We have Photoluminescent Paint (Glow in the Dark) that will do the same thing and no holes required.

    I would buy one! Especially knowing that it is going to someone in need, not just a rich person, living in a mansion in Italy...

    I thought this was a great idea... but is there any way you can make any instructable of how to add them, and not just the idea... i dont wanna ruin my long board... 5 Stars anyway - ISPairsoft

    when u drill the hole does it goes all the way through to the other side, making the led leads go on the grip tape or what?cuz i dont see how u ran the wiring?

    This is an awesome effect, and i love how it's so easily concealed by the grip tape! It's a good idea for skateboarders who ride at night. Nice Job!!!

    I don't often see safety features on anything that add major points to the awesome factor - I can't even skate anymore and I had to click on this to check it out :) Very nicely done! I'm also glad to hear that you're healing in both body and mind. Good on you, love :)

    Good for you for getting back on the board after an accident like that. I wouldn't feel safe in anything short of a tank after being hit by a truck. Or a Vespa, really. But at least you're visible now.

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    It was a very hard challenge but i was able to over comb my fear with the help of my friends and family, with out them i would be no where near a skateboard

    Thanks for the comment!!

    I really like the idea of this and it gives a really cool effect, but what happens if your batteries runout, maby you could add reflectors to the wheels in case that happens. Just a thought for added safety.

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    I am making a new board that will easily be able to plug into a wall outlet for easy recharge. I thought of the idea of reflectors but i am going for a more sleek design that is not very noticeable during the day but very bright at night. Right now for the batteries i just have to take the battery cover off and replace the 2 rechargeable batteries.

    Thanks for the feed back!!