Skateboarding: Setup and Styles

Introduction: Skateboarding: Setup and Styles

About: I like to skateboard,and i do it well. I do mostly everything skateboarding has to offer...

A guide to help skaters choose what setup to have for the different styles of skating.

Step 1: Decide What Kind of Skater You Are.

VERT: This type of Skater is basically what Tony Hawk is, Someone who skates huge, vertical (Hence the name Vert-icle) ramps and doing rad tricks like a 900 or a giant spin like it. X-Games Skaters are usually Vert Skaters because they skate massive ramps and do crazy spins.

CRUISING: This type of Skating is an older style of the sport, and is more about having fun going fast than doing tricks. These Skaters use fish -decks (the ones with a fat, pointy nose) and extremely large wheels for superior grip and turning. These guys don't do a lot of tricks, so the coolest one is probably a 360 shove-it, they mostly just ride around fast.

STREET:Easily the most common and by far my favorite Skater, because I am one. They do crazy flips and grinds, like the Tre flip, or the backside tailslide, and often hurt themeselves , the reason cops will tell you to get going from a good skate spot , so you don't sue the establishment if you get hurt.

PARK: A combo of Vert and Street style Skater, Who skate at parks , transfer bowls and gap stolen street barrels. They will usually add found/stolen items to the park to incorperate them into the layout of the park and ollie over them, or sometimes even grind on them.

Step 2: Vert Setup

Trucks: 5.0 Mids
Wheels: 55-65 mm. 95-99d
Deck: 7.5-8.5
Bearings: Bones Swiss or a really high ABEC

Step 3: Cruising Setup

Trucks: 7.5 Highs (to avoid wheelbite)
Wheels:70-85mm,66-77d(Jelly-Wheels, so if you hit a pebble at 35mph you don't fall off).
Deck:8.5-10.5(Very Wide)
Bearings-Bones Swiss

Step 4: Street/Park Setup

Trucks: 5.0 lows-mids(mids if you wanna skate Park)
Wheels: 50-55mm,99d
Deck: Whatever feels comfortable to your foot size(I use 7.5,but its weird cause I have size 12 feet).
Bearings: Bones Swiss again



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    9 years ago

    This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!

    Hey guys did you know that the abec really doesnt matter for skating abec 3 could be better then abec 7 or 9 its a rating ive had everyone an there allll the same an they all break or rust dirt just have to get new ones there rated for electric motors by a company for percision, annular bearing enginering committe its a myth there shouldnt be a price difference they got ya unless you skate at 100 mph every were wich i doubt you do.

    why would you use bones Swiss bearings for trick skating? they're for longboards and are very fragile and don't take a beating. I ollied with them and they broke

    I rock a 7 5 as well and have size twelves haha huge pain when I toe tap every trick in skate

    I had that Zero board! It lasted me nine years, really a great board!

    reds bearings are by far my favorite bearings

    Skateboardigs awesome,nice ible,have you seen element search and win? sign up now and ya can get decks clothing and bearings sign up now

    doesn't matter if you are a vert or street skater 8.25 deck with a set of indies is the only way to ride

    2 replies

    Real, Indy, Bones. bearings dont matter and how come you skate such a small board?

    best trucks silver, best decks alian workshop,best bearings reflex, best helmets monster energy

     the best trucks are thunders, the best decks are zeros, the best bearings are redz, and the best helmets are... helmets are stupid, dnt use them:).


     i heart zero... every deck ive had has been a zero(a total of 7)... but tomm i getting a baker(i heard there good).


    Thanks a lot for that! Im just started for a couple weeks and kinda confusing between vert and street :].