Skee Ball

Introduction: Skee Ball

This project is an easy one to accomplish and is fun for the whole family

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Step 1: Ramp Construction

The ramp was the first item to be created because it was needed as a model to build off of the rest of the skiball machine. So with this being the sides and bottom of the ramp were screwed together and sanded for a better fit.

Step 2: Ramp Construction Pt. 2

After the sides were sufficiently attached the top or "ramp was added to the box at a 35° Angle (but angles can vary per each builders preference).

Step 3: Ramp Addition

At the end of the ramp an added piece was needded to propel the balls upwards towards the point holes. A piece of wood with a 45° cut was added for this added jump

Step 4: Ball Collector

A hole was then drilled into the side of the main ramp and a ball collector was added for convenient retrieval of the ski balls (in this case golf ball)

Step 5: Sanding and Finish

After the Ramp is completed, it was sanded down and stained with Red Mahogany 225

Step 6:

Then comes the construction of the ball catcher. 2 triangular pieces of wood were used on the sides to grant the natural slope of the ski ball machine. These pieces including a rectangular back were all screwed together.

Step 7: Side Skirts

Side skirts were added to the ball catcher to prevent balls from rolling off the sides if the aim is below normal or if someone gives an extremely forceful throw.

Step 8: Arduino Holder

Since this machine has the components and technology to count each point scored an area was needed to house the processors. For this an extra housing unit was added to the back of the ball collector

Step 9: Hole Slate

A thin piece of wood was used to have the holes drilled in for the technical "ski balls" . On this flex sensors were attached to count each hole passed through the specific point region

Step 10: Assembly

All pieces were then stained one last time and then the two main pieces were put together

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    3 years ago

    Yay, I love it! I made a skee ball game that used golf balls a few years ago. So much fun. Nice to see the electronics included on yours. Thanks for sharing!