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Introduction: Skeleton Cut-Out Shirt

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Skeleton-back cut out shirts are very trendy right now. They also look super difficult, but in reality- though they're a little temperamental, are quite easy!

+ 1 cotton tshirt. I picked one that's a little too big for me and that drapes a bit.
+ A pair of scissors. Preferable a good pair that doesn't have glue stuck between the blades. (You know you own a pair like that, admit it)
+ White chalk pastel or a white sketching pencil.

1. Lay out your shirt, front-side down, on a flat, hard surface. I opted for the floor.
2. With your chalk, begin drawing out your skull face. I used references from l'internet, but I also made it a bit cartoony. Be sure to draw in 'lines' where the material dangles through the shape.
3. With your scissors, slowly cut where you made your template, being sure not to cut through the front layer. I found what made this easier was spinning my whole body around the garment as I completed the shapes, rather then having my arm at odd angles.

Once your design is completed, wear it! It looks great over a plain tank-top or a bandeau! Be careful when pulling it over your head, so nothing gets caught or snagged. When it needs to be washed, because the back is delicate, it will have to be gently hand-washed and hung to dry.

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    Wow! Very scary! Thanks for share it.