Skeleton Project

This is a skeleton that i build as a prop for a movie, I made every part of it, except the skull, which was a old Halloween prop we had laying around. I did heavily modify the skull though, by removing, then hinging the jaw, and putting paper mache over the whole thing to make it the correct size. I also removed the colored lenses that were in the eyes.

The Humerus, Tibia and Femers were made out of 1/2" PVC pie, then wrapped in wire to make the wider ends. For the fibula, radius and ulna, I used a combination of telephone wire and chicken wire to get the correct shapes. I then duct taped them for better shape and support and paper mached them all.

The pelvis and rib cage gave me the most trouble, but the way I eventually built them was to make the shape out of wire, then reinforce with chicken wire, then cover in duct tape, then paper mache.

 All of the phalanges, Carpals and Metacarpals are simply made from bits of telephone wire, attached to a thin piece of bailing wire and paper mached.

The model stands at approximately 6'3" , all of the bones are correctly sized and (except for the pelvis which started to sag) positioned. After paper maching the whole thing again, I spray painted it a nice old bone color and let dry. the entire project only took me three days, and maybe a total of maybe five hours to complete. The total cost was just under $20 mainly because it to two cans of spray paint.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, this is a huge amount of work! And it came out very nicely, indeed. Kudos!