Sketch/ Notebook Hybrid From Old Sketchbooks and Notebooks




Introduction: Sketch/ Notebook Hybrid From Old Sketchbooks and Notebooks

Has anyone ever had notebooks and/or sketchbooks that are mostly filled up but not all the way? Ever wondered what to do with the old notebooks? This tutorial will teach you how to recycle old notebooks and/or sketchbooks. It is a very simple one that will use very few supplies. You will need: Jump Rings, book rings, D rings, or other rings that you can easily put paper into, 2 or 3 old notebooks with lined paper, and 2 or 3 old sketchbooks with blank paper (or printer paper). Some cardboard and fabric for the covers is suggested.

Step One: Prepare the paper
Rip the paper out of the binding. If the paper does not already have any, punch holes in it (they do not need to be evenly spaced, since we will be using our own kind of binding). You can put 3 holes, 2 holes, or 18 holes. Just make sure you have that many rings. Also, if the lined paper has holes already, make sure the holes in the blank paper lines up.

Step Two: Make a cover and a back (Optional but suggested)
Color/draw on or print out a piece of paper for the cover. Glue it to a piece of cardboard with spray glue. Or, you can glue fabric on the cardboard with the same technique. 

Put the paper in the rings
Open the rings, put the paper and covers into them, and close the rings. 

For your coloring & writing pleasure, if you like to color AND write, instead of making one or the other (sketchbook or notebook), make the book so that it alternates blank and lined paper. Or, if you write more than you draw, make it 1 blank for every 3 lined and so on (switch the papers if you enjoy drawing more than writing). . 

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